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The Trap Man Folding Rabbit Trap,Catching Rabbits

The Trap Man Folding Rabbit Trap, Folding model ideal for transporting and storage, takes up a lot less room. Folds down to 2" tall
Easily store 5 folding rabbit traps in the same space as 1 standard rabbit trap, The rabbit trap should be sited where rabbit damage is occurring, other sources of food should be eliminated wherever possible. On grass fields or cereals this will usually start along the ditch cop, headlands or directly opposite rabbit burrows,

The Folding Humane Live Catch Rabbit Trap should always be sited as soon as damage is spotted. Ideally The Folding Rabbit Trap, should be set out approximately 8mts apart, in a parallel line of traps about 4mts out from their cover, hedgerow, ditch cop etc. The Humane Rabbit Trap can also be sited in open fields where rabbits have been observed feeding recently.

This trap is popular with pest control companies and farmers because of the folding rabbit trap's competitive price especially if purchased in six-packs, light weight (2.75 kgs), quick set up, and ease of storage


Check the number of rabbits to gauge how many rabbit traps to purchase.
As rule of thumb the size of the rabbit population can be easily obtained by counting rabbits at the site of damage, during the daytime in heavily infested areas or at night, using a spotlight. Where feasible, the number
of rabbit traps used should be one half of the total number of rabbits counted. In glasshouses and allotments where only a few rabbits can cause considerable damage, a minimum of 6 rabbit traps should be used.

Folding Rabbit Trap . Pack of Six Folding Rabbit traps . Pack of Nine Folding Rabbit Traps  

folded rabbit trap

Place each Trap Man rabbit trap in line with the hedgerow or ditch cop so that the bait lines run towards the next Rabbit Trap. Prepare the bait with fresh carrots cut length wise in to four, lay the bait in a trail to just inside the rabbit trap, place another piece right at the back of the rabbit cage trap under the treadle under the cage, place a line of bait 1mt apart between the rabbit traps. The bait inside the trap must be maintained at the back of the trap or under the trap directly under the wire treadle, but the bait out side the trap should not be replaced


Click here to see our built up rabbit trap. good discounts on large rabbit trap orders.

Set the live catch rabbit trap by first holding on to the handle and give the trap a good shake, then pull on the rear panel until it is firm and the prongs fit 2 holes from the rear of the cage. Flip up the secondary lock on to the top of the door, holding the door up against the roof with the secondary lock prongs through the cage roof, with your other hand pass the trigger rod through the hole in the open door then though the marked hole in the cage top. Sensitivity can be adjusted by bending the end of the setting rod up to lessen the sensitivity or down to increase the sensitivity. Check that the treadle plate is 20mm above the cage floor approx. 30°. Check the treadle does trip the door when pressed, and that the secondary door locks it correctly. Once baited the Trap Man Live Catch Rabbit Traps MUST be visited regularly and AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY, other non target animals must be released unharmed. The bait inside the trap must be maintained under the treadle under the trap, but the trail of bait out side the trap should not be replaced once the rabbits have started to take it. Rabbits can be removed by slowly tipping the trap onto it's end and reaching in through the now open door or turning the trap over onto it's roof to open the door and let the rabbit run out.

Rust proof, galvanised after manufacture

Treadle operated free fall door, with secondary lock...... keeps it shut

Carrying handle keeps your finger's out of harms way

Simple and easy to set

Large design holds even the largest of wild rabbits

Made in our own workshop

Strong gantlet gloves, although not puncture proof these gloves will offer some protection from the claws and teeth of a captured feral cat, grey squirrel, rabbit or other captured animal. colours vary

Product: Pair of gauntlet gloves £4.99
Product Code: AF265
in stock

folding rabbit trap setting bar position

folding rabbit setting bar position

folding rabbit in the set position ready for catching rabbits