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The Trap Man "Family" 14" Multi Catch Humane Rat Cage Trap

How to catch a rat using The Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap, an effective solution to rat infestation's, unlike poisoning you know how many rats you have caught. The Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap is manufactured from welded wire that is plated to prevent rust. Using Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap is easy, just clip on the setting rod to the cage door, open the cage door and fit the end of the setting rod through the eye on the bait hook situated on top of The Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap.

A tried and tested vermin trap. The Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap gives the option of releasing the catch alive and eliminates accidental injury to other animals and children which so often occurs when a conventional 'kill' rat trap is used. Bait with kipper or part cooked bacon tied securely to the bait hook inside The Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap.

Once set and baited place The Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap with the gate near but not touching a wall, fence line or obvious rat run and at a right angle to it, so that the rats have to pass under the open cage door between the Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap and the wall or fence. Make sure the setting rod and cage door do not foul on rubbish or debris thus preventing The Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap operating effectively.

The small rear gate is designed to act as a secondary opening to entice more rats in once the main trap has "tripped". The Trap Man Modern "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap is a true multi catch trap capable of catching more than one rat at a time and is designed to catch whole families of rats. You may not catch the rat during the first week... or the second. Rats are smart !. They don't want to be caught, and they won't go for the bait unless there is no other food available

Please note this trap is not suitable for live catching squirrels, other pest control companies sell this as a squirrel trap we do not. It was never designed to catch squirrel's if you want an approved size humane live catch squirrel trap click here to see The Trap Man approved live catch humane squirrel trap.

Family Rat Trap  set

Product: Family 14 inch Multi catch rat trap £16.47
Product Code: AF161
Quantity: in stock

Product: Pack of Two Family 14 inch Multi catch rat traps £29.99
Product Code: AF161two
Quantity: green tickin stockgreen tick

Product: Six 14" Family rat traps £79.99
Product Code: AF161six
Quantity: in stock

The Trap Man Family 14 inch Rat trap  set with door open The Trap Man 14 inch Family rat trap complete with detained Rat   Notice how the rat grips hold of the bait treadle

Mouse over photo below to get help on setting the family rat trap

make sure the auto locking bar is on the front of the door slideput the family rat trap setting bar 5mm through the setting loopmake sure the auto locking bar is on the front of the door slidebait with kipper or meat firmly wired to the bait hookrats can enter using the small rear gate after the main gate is trippedsetting barhook setting bar HERE the second horizontal bar on the main gate

You may not catch the rat during the first week... or the second.

Rats are smart !.
.......Rats don't want to be caught
................Rats won't go for the bait on the trap unless there is

.........................No other food available.

When handling, use precautions to avoid the possibility of disease transmission Use disposable rubber gloves. Apply household disinfectants at recommended concentrations to rodent droppings, nest and surrounding area, and allow for at least 15 minutes contact time before removal. Clean the area with paper towels or a mop. Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water and dispose of gloves.


Family rat trap

This is how the family rat trap trap will look when delivered (boxed) note the setting bar is fitted on the top of the cage for transportation and packing only,

family rat trap setting bar

The rat trap setting bar should be fitted as shown above, you can squash the hook using a pair of pliers to prevent it coming off the door .

family rat trap set

This picture shows the rat trap in the set position




Rapping RatsRapping RatsRapping Rats